What is UAN and How to Get It?

What is UAN and How to Get It?

UAN remains for Universal Account Number. The UAN is issued by Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India. This number will go about as a character for numerous part IDs apportioned to an employee by various establishments. This would be one more expansion to every single other number one might as of now have! The thought behind concocting one more number is to link different distinguishing proof numbers allocated by numerous businesses to a person under a solitary Universal Account Number (UAN).

To comprehend it better, how about we proceed with a few samples of different PF account numbers gave by different employers to a person amid the employment residency. Each time an individual stops the employment with one association and joins another, another PF is relegated. With this UAN, an individual can connect all the past EPFO accounts and guarantee a smoother exchange/withdrawal of PF sums as required. If a part is as of now assigned UAN, then he/she is required to give the same on joining new establishment to empower the employer to thoroughly check the new apportioned Member Identification Number (Member Id) to the officially allocated UAN.

At first UAN is assigned just to an employee who is in dynamic administration with an employer between 01-Jan-2014 and 30-Jun-2014. This recently created UAN for an employee is conveyed to employers alone and won’t be specifically accessible/imparted to a person by the Ministry of Labor and Employment. Employees ought to contact their individual employer to get UAN.

Highlights of Universal Account Number:

  • Employees will have only one universal account number
  • You will have same UAN in various employments inside of the country
  • Change employments as much as you need the EPF will tail you.
  • This number would be connected to your character.
  • The KYC archives would be utilized for confirmation of the universal account number.
  • The EPFO portal will issue the UAN. Employers will offer these to the employees.

10 advantages of Universal Account Number (UAN) To the Employee:

  • You can link the greater part of your past PF account at one spot.
  • EPF Transfer would turn out to be simple. It should be possible naturally.
  • EPF balance from the majority of the account would be exchanged consequently.
  • You can without much of a stretch check and download your PF passbook at whatever time.
  • Employer couldn’t extort you in view of the EPF. He would not have the capacity to withhold the PF of an employee.
  • In future there would be no need of check from the employer at the season of PF withdrawal or transfer.
  • An employer can’t suppress the provident fund of the employee.
  • You can undoubtedly take loan from the PF account. The procedure would be online soon.
  • You can overhaul your own subtle elements online.
  • You will get month to month SMS upgrade of PF commitment. You will become more acquainted with whether your company is keeping PF on time or not.
  • There are various types of organizations which postpone in EPF commitment.
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